Basic Korean Language Classes

If you’re just starting to learn Korean or have no single background of the language, the Hangeul characters might seem a bit intimidating even just by looking at it. But hey—we have to start somewhere. Hana Korean Language School’s basic Korean classes are perfect for those who want or need to start from scratch. One of the first lessons you will learn is reading and writing Hangul, then understanding simple Korean.

Now, imagine yourself watching your favorite Korean movies, melodramas and K-pop music videos without the need for subtitles. Or be able to sing along with your best-loved Korean song! How cool is that, right? You will be able to do all that when you enroll at our basic korean classes.

How cool would it be if you sent an Instagram message to your favourite Korean star, and can read their reply in Hanguel?

So, don’t wait any longer. Learn basic Korean language at Hana Korean!

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If you are not looking for Basic Korean classes, we have classes for other levels as well.

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You like Korean K-pop culture and you follow your favourite K-pop stars' Instagram and Facebook. You been using Google Translate to communicate with them. Unfortunately, you cannot verify the accuracy of the translation, so you are not sure if you sound OK to them.

At Hana Korean, we understand your predicament, so we have customized a set of syllabuses to give you a head start in the Korean language. With our small class size and dedicated trainers, you can finally have a simple conversation with your Korean friends, order your favourite dishes in Korean and read your idols' posts in social media.

If you are 25 years old and a Singapore citizen, you can even study free using your Skillsfuture credits! What are you waiting for?

[uc_column span="3"][uc_toggle title="Entry requirement " status="close"] The medium of instruction will be in English [/uc_toggle][/uc_column]
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The course will equip you with a basic understanding of the Korean language.

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials developed by Hana Korean.

The class activities are learner-centric, and will incorporate real world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students’ needs.

Total course duration: 20 hours[/uc_toggle]



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No. Topic Description
1 Hangeul(1)


Korean alphabet (1)

How to greet with people in a polite way and introduce yourself.

2 Hangeul(2)


Korean alphabet (2)

Mentioning your nationality

Asking and answering questions about nationalities

3 Hangeul(3)


Korean alphabet (3)

Discussing your job

Asking and answering questions about occupations

4 Objects


Talking about objects and animals around us. 

Asking about and answering about the names of objects and animals

5 Family Introducing family members.

Asking and answering who people are.

6 Places Talking about places, where the places are, and how to get them
7 Ordering Food Talking about Korean numbers

Ordering food in a Korean restaurant

8 Telephone number Sino-Korean numbers.

Making phone calls and answering telephones

Phone conversations

9 Shopping Buying things and asking the prices of things
10 Daily Life Expressing time and what you are doing in your daily schedule


[uc_column span="3"][uc_toggle title="Beginner term 2 (20 hours)" status="close"]

Unit Topic Description
1 Birthday Calendar


Asking and answering one’s schedule on Weekday/weekend

2 Present tense Present verb form

Talking about events and daily activities in the present

3 Food Expressing what food you like/dislike

Expressing tastes of food

4 Wants Expressing desire to want/do something

Expressing desire to not want/do something

5 Ability Expressing one’s ability to do something
6 Past tense Talking about events and daily activities in the past
7 adjectives Using adjectives in daily conversation
8 Future tense Talking about events and daily activities in the future
9 illness Learning about body parts and how to describes symptoms of an illness
10 transportation Learning about transportation in our daily lives



Korean Group Class
20 hours

SkillsFuture Eligible

Network with like minded working adults

Small Group Class (6 pax)

Are you a beginner looking for a short course? Click here to check out our Korean Hangul course.

Some language courses can be boring. Classes here are taught through various methods that strengthen both listening and understanding skills, together with a special focus on vocabulary. What is more, my teacher is open, patient and very helpful, which is a great asset in learning a language in a friendly and relaxing environment. The class I am in is very small (7 pax), which is a plus as I have more opportunity to practice with the teacher!
Clarence TanFinancial Advisor
The Korean class was wonderful. I learned many, many words and found I could understand a great deal. It added to my desire to keep learning and I find I can go back to the handouts and class materials to practice.”
Penny Wee