Our Korean Classes

Looking for a Korean course? Singapore offers many options. Why learn Korean at Hana Korean? We offer Korean courses for adults that are both high quality and affordable. With our small class sizes, you can learn Korean faster, and start using it after the first lesson. In fact, we have the smallest class in Singapore and with reasonable prices as well.

Learn Korean 50% faster in a smaller class so what are you waiting for? Time and tides wait for no one!

If you are ready to get started we organise a free trial class every month so come and experience it for yourself.

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Online Korean Classes

Online classes are actually wonderful. Jinja?! YES, jinja! In the pandemic, this is the best!

Comprehensive Korean Class

This Korean course starts at the beginning and helps you build a solid skill in the Korean language.

Korean Speaking Class

Do you want to put your Korean speaking skills into actual practice? Join us now for an hour of speaking class every Friday.

Ready to learn with us?

We offer competitive rates in Singapore without compromising on quality.
Our lessons are fully SkillsFuture claimable.