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Eotteoke (how)? Hana Korean Language School has a secret recipe!

Our trainers teach using our carefully crafted Korean course materials that are very different from run-of-the-mill language textbooks. Examples and practices are adapted to the world of K-drama., This would not only help you to understand the dramas you watch without sub-titles but also help you navigate the Korean streets like a local. 

On top of that, our classes are kept strictly small – 6 students are the maximum. Our students complete a level twice as fast compared to other schools with large classes. 


Join our free online trial classes and see for yourself! We promise that you will have fun learning Korean with us.

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We offer you the most competitive rate for learning Korean in Singapore. With a dedicated team of trainers, level up your Korean in the comforts of your own home. Dae-bak!


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Free Trial Class

Pretty much every school, including us, will ask you to make full payment before joining the course. We need to do that, because we have commitments to keep to our teachers as well. But as a student, it’s hard to sign up for something you haven’t experienced yet.

We believe in working only with experienced teachers in small group settings, because we see how our students benefit from the personalised experience. This emphasis on quality comes at a price as well.

With the pandemic, we are moving our trial classes online. You can now experience our class in your comfortable PJs at home, what are you waiting for? Join us now!

Why we started Hana Korean language centre in Singapore

When we first started Hana Korean language school in 2012, I thought it would never work. It thought it was too simple because it didn’t have more than one class a week. Was it enough? At just 2 hours? I was also concerned about the lack of time that students have to learn Korean after a full day of hard work.

Quite frankly, I was afraid that students might not have the time to learn and may quit halfway. But I was also fed up with seeing other schools squeezing many students in a class so that they could earn a higher profit.

The smallest Korean language group class in Singapore

So I decided to start a Korean language school with a couple of Korean teachers in a fully interactive class that only a small group class can achieve. If it didn’t work out, I figured that at least I had tried my best.

I thought to myself, I had little to lose…

Now, those first 10 weeks were a little weird, to be honest. The initial batch of students were surprised that the class was small. And they got attention from their trainer, which they never had before.


Smaller class = better attention

They made true friends who were also interested to improve with them. They dared to ask questions because it would seem weird if they did not. They went back home happy and continued coming to class week after week.

But all of that went over when I noticed we didn’t “lose students” as I thought we would. I actually gained quite a bit of referrals… The students came back to us excited to learn Korean and signed up for new terms.

Some stopped after they achieved what they were looking for. One even told us that she is happy to be able to read off Korean food menus and write to her Korean idols on Instagram.


You could not argue with the results.

You will become better even when you only attend one Korean class a week, because that one class matters. It is not the quantity but the quality of our Korean classes that matters.

And that’s why I’m telling you to do it today. Our Korean lessons work better than everything else offered in Singapore.

Don’t believe me – try it for 10 weeks or try out our free Korean trial class.

John Park

John moved to Thailand when he was 15 years old with his parents. He went on to complete his degree in Thailand at Thammasat University Bachelor in engineering major in Electrical Engineering.

Teaching is a deep passion of John. After graduating with flying colors, he has amassed several years of language teaching experience in the private sector. He has worked as a Thai / Korean teacher in a private school for two years before he came to Hana Korean language centre as a full-time language teacher.

John knows what it is like to learn a 2nd or third language. He had to learn Thai to complete his University education in Thailand. He can easily relate to the challenges that the student would face and has come up with various solutions and techniques to overcome this. One of which is to use music and catchy tunes for adults to remember vocabulary. He is extremely talented in Piano and performs regularly in Temasek Club. 

Since 2018, John has turned his attention to tutoring adults. At Hana Korean, he has had plenty of opportunities to help adults who wish to improve their proficiency in Thai and Korean in an everyday or business setting reach their goals. He is proud to have improved both the confidence and ability in the Korean language of his students. His motto is: “If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach.”

 Lee Jeeeun

Ms. Jeeeun graduated from the prestigious Yonsei University aka SKY University in Korea. She then travelled to the US for her Masters and spent 5 years in the States. With her extensive time spent in the US, Jeeeun could speak English far better than her Korean contemporaries.

She believes in delivering engaging, student-centred Korean lessons to support learners to grasp the language in fun and effective ways for meaningful usage in their daily lives, be it for social integration or work purposes.

 Jeeeun enjoys travel, languages and music and is always eager to hear about the experiences of others!

Kim Areum

Areum Kim lives in Korea but works in Singapore and she handles most of our Zoom lessons. She is an experienced and dynamic Korean language trainer with excellent communication skills and patience. Able to design and deliver a variety of training programs to students at varying proficiency levels. She chose to teach at Hana Korea due to our emphasis on small class sizes. Before that, she worked as a childcare teacher and witnessed the amazing developments of children in smaller classes compared to the ones in bigger classes.

A bit more about Ms. Kim herself: Areum has always dreamed about experiencing life in other countries. And after graduation, instead of following her friends to stick to an office job, she decided to travel.

13 countries later, she didn’t regret her choice as she has experienced what few Koreans have. She taught Korean while living abroad and learning about foreign cultures. If you love to travel, you will enjoy learning Korean with her.

And through her overseas experience she developed a sense of empathy for language learners. She tries to see the learner’s point of view and explain the Korean language as easily as possible.

She is determined and willing to give her 110% to help you learn Korean.

Oh JiEun

Jieun started teaching Korean back in Korea since 2003. From 2005 onwards, she has been training expatriate adults in business and Korean. Jieun joined Hana Korean in 2021 as Korean language trainer

With over 19 years of experience in adult training, Jieun has taught many foreign professionals and senior executives, including but not limited to those from BBC News, Cambridge University Press, Deutsche Bank, National University Hospital (NUH), Philips Electronics, Samsung,

Jieun is an expert in experiential learning who knows how to help the learners gain Korean skills though experiential learning. Students always find her lessons fun and engaging.

We offer free trial classes

We offer you the most competitive rate for learning Thai in Singapore. With a dedicated team of trainers, level up your Thai in the comforts of your own home.