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Whatever happens with COVID-19, you should never stop learning. With phase 2 and the need to maintain social distancing, we are further reducing our group class size limit to 4 students.

And we are not stopping online programs. Over the last 3 months, students have grown used to learning via Zoom. We have received good feedback and students want to continue learning online.

The occasional hiccup with internet connections is a minor nuisance compared to the saving of travelling time and, of course, keeping the threat of Covid-19 at bay.

So, you could choose to do lessons in the comfort of your home — our trainers are ready with the technology and know-how to run interactive online lessons via Zoom — or come to our centre to study the traditional way.

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Singapore's language school with small classes & useful Korean

We believe that learning Korean effectively is about more than hard work and putting in the hours. That’s why we make sure our Korean course materials are ultra-relevant and interesting.

Our Korean classes are Singapore’s smallest with no more than 6 students! You  complete a level twice as fast in a small group class compare to large classes.

Come join us and have fun learning Korean at Hana Korean Language School!

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