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Eotteoke (how)? Hana Korean Language School has a secret recipe!

Our trainers teach using our carefully crafted Korean course materials that are very different from run-of-the-mill language textbooks. Examples and practices are adapted to the world of K-drama., This would not only help you to understand the dramas you watch without sub-titles but also help you navigate the Korean streets like a local. 

On top of that, our classes are kept strictly small – 6 students is the maximum. Our students complete a level twice as fast compared to other schools with large classes. 

Andwae [안돼]! Join our classes and see for yourself! We promise that you will have fun learning Korean with us.

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Enrich your life at home with Hana Korean Online classes! Switch easily from your k-drama binge to our online class in just one click. 👆

We offer you the most competitive rate for learning Korean in Singapore. With a dedicated team of trainers, level up your Korean in the comforts of your own home. Dae-bak!

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Prefer face-to-face classes? Hana Korean Language School also offers classes conducted at our centre. We adhere strictly to safe-distancing guidelines, and classes only have 5 pax at any one time. Join us now!

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