Why we started Hana Korean language school in Singapore

When we first started Hana Korean language school in 2012, I thought it would never work. It thought it was too simple because it didn’t have more than one class a week. Was it enough? At just 2 hours? I was also concerned about the lack of time that students have to learn Korean after a full day of hard work.

Quite frankly, I was afraid that students might not have the time to learn and may quit halfway. But I was also fed up with seeing other schools squeezing many students in a class so that they could earn a higher profit.

We are part of the Crystal Learning group of language schools. All Crystal Learning schools believe in small-scale language teaching with a practical focus.

The smallest Korean language group class in Singapore

So I decided to start a Korean language school with a couple of Korean teachers in a fully interactive class that only a small group class can achieve. If it didn’t work out, I figured that at least I had tried my best.

I thought to myself, I had little to lose…

Now, those first 10 weeks were a little weird, to be honest. The initial batch of students were surprised that the class was small. And they got attention from their trainer, which they never had before.

Smaller class = better attention

They made true friends who were also interested to improve with them. They dared to ask questions because it would seem weird if they did not. They went back home happy and continued coming to class week after week.

But all of that went over when I noticed we didn’t “lose students” as I thought we would. I actually gained quite a bit of referral… The students came back to us excited to learn and signed up for new terms.

Some stopped after they achieved what they were looking for. One even told us that she is happy to be able to read off Korean food menus and write to her Korean idols on Instagram.

You could not argue with the results.

You will become better even though you only attended one class a week because of that one class matters. It is not the quantity but the quality of each class that matters.

And that’s why I’m telling you to do it today. Our class works better than everything else offered in the market.

Don’t believe me – try it for 10 weeks or try out our free trial class,

The Team


Ms A Reum Kim

AReum Kim live in Korea but work in Singapore and she handles most of our Zoom lessons. She is an experienced and dynamic Korean language trainer with excellent communication skills and patience. Able to design and implement a variety of training programs to students of varying degree of learning levels. She choose to teach in Hana Korea due to our emphasise on small class size. Before that, she worked as a childcare teacher and witnessed the amazing developments of children in smaller classes compared to the ones in bigger classes.

Below abit more of herself.

Areum has always dreamed about experiencing life in other countries.

And after graduation, instead of following her friends to stick to an office job she decided to travel.

13 countries later, she didn’t regret her choice as she had experienced what few Koreans had.

She taught Korean while living and learning about the cultures and the life of locals. if you love to travel you will enjoy learning about her experience.

And through her overseas experience she developed a sense of empathy for learning language. She tries to see the learner’s point of view and explain it as easily as possible.

She is determined and willing to give her 110% to help you in learning Korean.


Mr. Yeo Seung Jae

Seung Jae prefers in-person group classes as he likes the personal interaction he get from meeting the person.

He adjusts his teaching methods to suit individuals of different fluency levels, from the fun activity-based young adult’s’ classes to the thoughtful and provoking discussion in higher level classes. Seung Jae likes to bring in extra learning aids that he feels can improve the learning of the particular class. In fact, the only thing we complain about is the amount of papers he used to prepare for every lessons but his students love his attention to details!

Seung Jae is a very focused and passionate individual eager to help anyone achieve their language and life goals.


Ms. Kim Kyo Hyang

Ms. Kim moved to Singapore with her family in 2004. Prior to that, she was teaching Physics in a few high schools in Korea.

She loves meeting new people and is curious how human minds work. Apparently, different people pick up a new language differently, and Ms. Kim loves finding ways for each student to learn Korean easily.

To her, teaching a language is not only about how well the student can speak, but it is also about exposing them to a different culture. She is a firm believer of the close relationship between language and culture.

Through learning the language, one can attempt to understand the thinking process and social behavior of the people. This is key to establishing a successful relationship in a multi-cultural business and social environment. She is excited to be able to drive the love of Korean culture to Singapore and beyond.

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