Learn Korean in Singapore

Alex Lim, the Centre Manager of Hana Korean and he also run a Bahasa Indonesia School and a Chinese Language School.

Alex believes in building trusted relationships. That’s his style, his way of doing business. When he works with someone, whether it’s a colleague, supplier or client, his focus is on trust and a long term relationship.

Truly successful business relationships are never only a company’s achievements, and they do not exist in relationships governed by contracts. They result from tight customer-business partnerships, which require mutual good faith and trust, and which also allow the best ideas to emerge. Breakthrough success requires breakthrough trust.

Alex also kindles tight and trusted partnerships within the Crystal team, which form the same trusted partnerships with our customer students. In maintaining these standards, we ensure that our students get the best of what everyone at Crystal has to offer.

The Team

Ms. Candy Lee

Candy Lee, our training Manager, is from Surabaya, Indonesia. She is a linguist, and speaks four languages – English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Korean. She came to Singapore seeking work, and then decided to settle down here.

She loves working with languages, and when she is not teaching, she is diligently refining syllabuses. Candy also co-developed three of our language brands – Yi MandarinIndoSlang and English Express.

She connects with people easily, which over the years has enabled her to help many expatriates and others to learn a new language.

Ms. Jin Young Park

Jin moved to Singapore with her family in 2004. Prior to that, she was teaching in Evander Language Centre in Korea.

She loves meeting new people and is curious how human minds work. Apparently, different people pick up a new language differently, and Jin loves finding ways for each student to learn Korean easily.

To her, teaching a language is not only about how well the student can speak, but it is also about exposing them to a different culture. She is a firm believer of the close relationship between language and culture.
Through learning the language, one can attempt to understand the thinking process and social behaviour of the people. This is key to establishing a successful relationship in a multi-cultural business and social environment. She is excited to be able to drive the love of Korean culture to Singapore and beyond.

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