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If you’re just starting to learn Korean or have no single background of the language, the Hangeul characters might seem a bit intimidating even just by looking at it. But hey—we have to start somewhere. Hana Korean Language School’s basic Korean classes are perfect for those who want or need to start from scratch. One of the first lessons you will learn is reading and writing Hangeul, then understanding simple Korean.

Now, imagine yourself watching your favorite Korean movies, melodramas and K-pop music videos without the need for subtitles. Or be able to sing along with your best-loved Korean song! How cool is that, right? You will be able to do all that when you enroll at our basic korean classes.

How cool would it be if you sent an Instagram message to your favourite Korean star, and can read their reply in Hanguel?

So, don’t wait any longer. Learn basic Korean language at Hana Korean!

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