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Learn to read and write Korean in this quick, basic introductory course.

Korean Hangul was created in the 15th Century by King Sejong. Unlike other alphabets that grew organically, Hangul, the Korean alphabet, was invented. Not only was it invented, but it was made with the specific purpose of being easy to learn and use. Basically, it’s almost impossible to design a simpler writing system than Hangul that would still work with the Korean language.

Think about that for a second – this language was constructed with language learners in mind! Hangul exists not to confuse and intimidate learners, but rather to give them the quickest access to Korean culture possible. The alphabet itself is not intimidating at all – the only intimidating part is the initial unfamiliarity you can get past in less than ninety minutes.

While some writing systems look impossible to scribe, Korean is easy. One of the letters is a circle, one is a square, and two are literally straight lines!

In fact it is so easy we will show you two examples right now,

Example 1

‘ㅎ‘ consonant ‘h’;
‘ㅏ’ vowel ‘a’, pronounce “ah”
‘ㄴ’ consonant ‘n’

When put together they look like ‘한’ , which is pronounced as ‘Han’. Rather than being just three letters in a line, it makes a nice self-contained block!

Example 2

‘ㅇ‘ has no sound
‘ㅏ’ vowel ‘a’ pronounce “ah”

‘ㅇ‘ has no sound
‘ㅣ‘ vowel ‘e’ pronounce “e”

When put together  ‘아이’ , which is pronounced as ‘ah’ ‘e’ means children.

Course Details

If you wish to be introduced to a new language without committing too many resources and time, our Korean Hangul class is the right course for you. You will also get the same benefits of learning with us, such as small group class, focus learning, dedicated trainer and a good syllabus.

The medium of instruction will be in English

Course Content

The course will equip you with a basic understanding of the Korean Hangul.

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials developed by Hana Korean.

The class activities are learner-centric, and will incorporate real world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students’ needs.

Total course duration: 8 hours

Korean Hangul (8 hours)

No. Topic Description
1 Hangeul(1)Greeting Korean alphabet (1)How to greet with people in a polite way and introduce yourself.
2 Hangeul(2)Nationality Korean alphabet (2)Mentioning your nationality

Asking and answering questions about nationalities

3 Hangeul(3)Jobs Korean alphabet (3)Discussing your job

Asking and answering questions about occupations

4 Hangul Activities Revision and exercises

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