Korean Language Courses

Hana Korean's language classes here are fun and exciting every single time. Whatever your proficiency level is, you can find Korean language courses here that will fit your language proficiency status and guide you to your focused goal.

We have developed three Korean language classes for you to choose from. These are Basic Korean Classes, Intermediate Korean Classes and Advance Korean Classes. Here are brief explanations on what you can expect from these Korean language classes.

Hana Korean Language Classes are designed to be progressive with the students' language learning capability always in our instructors' mind. No one will be left behind. Together we will achieve your goals. Can't decide? Experience our classes in our free trial class, sign up here

Some language courses can be boring. Classes here are taught through various methods that strengthen both listening and understanding skills, together with a special focus on vocabulary. What is more, my teacher is open, patient and very helpful, which is a great asset in learning a language in a friendly and relaxing environment. The class I am in is very small (7 pax), which is a plus as I have more opportunity to practice with the teacher!
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Basic Korean Classes

As the title suggest, this class will teach you Korean basics. You don't want to be too eager to hop into the next level without these foundations. Here you will learn reading and writing Hangeul, which is perfect for beginners.

Intermediate Korean Classes

In this course you will have a better understanding of the Korean language. This is a continuation of the development of your Korean language skills. You'll learn proper speaking techniques and expand your Korean vocabulary even more.

Advanced Korean Classes

This class offers advanced lessons on Korean language including formal writing, formal speaking and different speech levels. You will reinforce your current language skills and enhance your listening skills for better mastery of the Korean language.